4.3 Setting Yourself Up For Success

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4.3 Setting Yourself Up For Success




  1. Watch the video
  2. Go through the workbook and fill in with your insights where applicable
  3. Take a look at the toolbox below
  4. Book your last 1-1 with Nat if you haven't already




Additional resources to support your learning.

Please note that you don’t have to read/watch all of these, only the ones that are relevant to you.

  • Finding your community:

◦    Mum’s Garage events

◦    New Zealand Startup Ecosystem Map

◦    Consider the type of company that you’re building and the people that you’ll need onboard to help. Find the communities they’re likely to be a part of on meetup.com and head along to an event. Here are some for you to consider:

▪    Hackernest AKL

▪    Idea Show & Tell

▪    Startup Grind

▪    Hardware Meetup AKL

▪    SMAKL (Social Media Club Auckland)

▪    Blockchain Auckland

◦    Find out about most things tech related through techweek.co.nz

◦    Find out about startup related events through startup digest

◦    Find out about social enterprise relate events and activities through Social Enterprise Auckland.



  • Setting up a simple website:

◦    Our standard advice is to use Squarespace for a simple website or Shopify for an ecommerce store. WordPress is another alternative which has more functionality and allows for a higher degree of customisation (offers a lot of templates and plugins), but it is much more complicated to get the hang of. Our advice is to go for simple to start with, unless you need additional functionality.


  • What you’ll need to consider when building a custom app that requires significant development (i.e. not using a template site such as Squarespace or WordPress):

◦    Choosing the right software stack

◦    The difference between a web and mobile app.

◦    Is it better to launch the website or the mobile app first for a startup?


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