2.3 Intro to Market Validation

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2.3 Introduction to Market Validation




  1. Watch the video
  2. Go through the workbook and fill in with your insights where applicable
  3. Take a look at the toolbox below
  4. Book a 1-1 with Nat if you haven't already




Resources to support your understanding of the concepts discussed in the video. We recommend you read/watch if you can.

  1. Build your customer interview script blog
  2. Customer interview script template
  3. The story behind buffer and how they tested their idea with a landing page
  4. The story of Kettle & Fire bone broth
  5. From Idea Validation to Product Launch: A Story
  6. Squarespace - the easiest platform to launch a simple website (without having to know any code). If you require a simple website, we recommend using Squarespace.