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Templates, guides and tools to help with various areas of business development. Includes Startup DNA, marketing validation, customer discovery, product development, value creation and more.


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We regularly post on here to give you the latest tips and knowhow based on our experience, knowledge and current struggles and trends within our community and industries. Find out about new products and programmes here too.

Startup Ecosystem Map

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The most comprehensive list that we know of for NZ startups. Designed for people at the idea, launch or growth stage and includes links to funding help, co-working spaces, incubators, professional services for startups, media, low-cost events, and more.

Favourite Guides:

Small business owner who could apply for NZ Startup and Small Business Grants

Start Up and Small Business Grants NZ Guide

By Natalie Robinson | April 25, 2019

We hope to make your journey starting a business a little easier by letting you know the grants that are […]

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Kiwi Startup Tools Cheat Sheet

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

Kiwi Startup Tools Cheat Sheet Need legal help, website tracking, a payment platform etc? Here’s a bunch of services we […]

Vector illustration showing how to create a valuable product or service

How to Create Business Value – Actionable Steps

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

The survival of a startup is determined by its ability to create something of value that enough people will pay […]

Recent Blogs:

The space in between blog post for productivity

The Space In Between – Making Time For Yourself Amongst The Chaos

By Natalie Robinson | March 22, 2020

In this blog, I want to address the time and energy spent in between doing work. This time in between work can be highly valuable and productive, and it can […]

How to makes something your customers love

Micro-blog:How to make something your customer love

By Natalie Robinson | December 18, 2019

Here are five simple principles for making something your customers love: Deeply understand what they value Have a good reason for existing Be open and honest as a company Make […]

get focused, tame your frenzy, image of a fox

Tame Your Frenzy, Regain Your Focus

By Natalie Robinson | August 19, 2019

This blog post is derived from an excellent article by Paul Hammerness, MD, and Margaret Moore in the Harvard Business Review, called Train Your Brain to Focus. At the time, […]

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