Mum’s Garage – Ideas You Can Execute – Introduction

The Startup Series, Programme 1: 'Ideas You Can Execute'

Welcome to the  'Ideas You Can Execute,' programme!

Before you start:

Download both the Workbook and the Help Book. The Workbook is an editable PDF that you can fill in on your computer. Alternatively, you can print it (35 pages) and fill it in by hand. We recommend that you keep the help book digital as it's 65 pages long, there's nothing you need to fill in and it helps to be able to click the toolbox links.

How to complete the programme

  • Watch the videos and fill in your Workbook - there is an additional help book for some extra assistance for filling in the sections and performing any tasks.
  • You'll be able to access resources from your toolbox (this will show as an attachment below each video).