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Powered through Mighty Networks, our online community facilitates meaningful connections with others who are starting and building businesses, from budding entrepreneurs to business leaders.

Entrepreneurship is a long and hard journey, involving many decisions along the way. Our community gives founders ongoing support to help with decision making, maintaining momentum and keeping in a good state of mind.

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Within the community you'll be able to book 1-1's with our mentors (growing as we do) for advice, support and accountability on your entrepreneurial journey.

Meet our first mentor, Natalie Robinson:

natalie robinson teacher

Natalie is Founder and CEO of Mum's Garage, and is incredibly passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch businesses. She has built multiple startup programs including The ValidatorWellington ICT Graduate School Masters Entrepreneurship Program, and has facilitated CO.STARTERScohorts. Natalie has also developed the Digital Marketing Deep Dive and Market Validation workshops, and runs the Entrepreneurs UnleashedLean Coffee, and Year One event series.

Book 1-1's with our business mentors

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Share stories, ask questions and join in on thought provoking, insightful conversations within the community. You'll also get access to member only resources to help you learn processes and get clarity on where you should be focusing your time and energy.

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You'll have access to free member-exclusive monthly webinars, with founders and specialists across a range of topics including: stories of starting and growing, marketing, industry specific information, raising money, accounting, legals, product development, customer discovery and market validation.

We are completely able to expand on these as we go so if you're having a problem, reach out and let us know. If enough people are in the same boat, we'll run a webinar on the topic.


Discounted business services

We have met some amazing people and businesses along our own journey, and we want to share our trusted and most recommended with you. As a Mum's Garage member, you'll have access to exclusive discounts in various industries that may help you on you journey... whether that's CRM software, marketing, video production or intellectual property services. These will grow as we do, and we want to make sure you benefit from it! So keep an eye out on this list 😉

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Intellectual Property Services

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Video Production Services

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$19.99 USD / month (excludes taxes)