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What is the value of this community?

Building a business and a life that makes you content is a pretty long journey, in fact we're not sure if it ever ends. We know from experience that it entails a lot of learning and development, overcoming some rough patches, and experiencing moments that are deeply satisfying, ones that make it all worth it.

We've found that some of the best moments along the way come from the meaningful connections and realisations that are developed through sharing and experiencing moments together.

We've also found that the best advice comes from those who have experienced what you are going through, and who genuinely care about your wellbeing.

Within our community, we create opportunities for this to happen regularly. This helps business creators to keep in the game and focus on the right things.

What goes on in this community?

We created this online community as a place where people could continue to connect between the event, programmes and workshops we run. We've since made this our core offering, as having ongoing interaction, access to resources and people who can help is more valuable than attending one-off events. All of the content we create goes onto our online platform, including programmes and event recordings. We also discuss the little things that crop up, that we think will be useful and interesting for people building companies.

Graedon Parker from Organic Mechanic and Natalie Robinson from Mum's Garage speaking at an Entrepreneurs Unleashed event
Resources & Content

Entrepreneurs Unleashed videos, guides and tools

Two women smiling and taking in the audience of an Entrepreneurs Unleashed event
Connection with Community

Like minded people to provide ongoing support

people discussing marketing strategy at the Digital Marketing Deep Dive
Workshops and Programmes

Including our cornerstone Ideas, You Can Execute Programme and the Digital Marketing Deep Dive

Why we created this community

To provide a supportive place for budding entrepreneurs and existing founders to share their ideas, wins and fails amongst like-minded people, and access the resources needed to build a company that supports happy and productive people. We've created somewhere that we can share expertise through posts, webinars and video content to give you a helping hand when it's needed.

Who this community is for

Our community is open to people who:

  • have a sound idea or an existing business and have demonstrated their ability to take action to move forward meaningfully towards their goals
  • are prepared to give as much as they receive, by supporting others, sharing knowledge and ideas as well as asking for help when it's needed
  • are building business for the good of humanity, not to exploit others or the planet.
  • are curious, open-minded and don’t assume they have all the answers.

Mentors in our community

As a Mum's Garage member, you'll be able to book 1-1 sessions with business specialists.
natalie robinson teacher

Natalie Robinson

Founder & CEO of Mum's Garage

Specialises in:
Understanding your customer
Building a unique value proposition
Brand and marketing strategy

Profile picture of Carl Thompson, co-founder of Contento

Carl Thompson

Co-founder of Contento

Specialises in:
Customer discovery
Finding product-market fit
Digital marketing

Close up of Menelik Dyer, co-founder of Hectre and startup mentor

Menelik Dyer

Director of Dyer and Bloomfield

Specialises in:
Direct sales and strategy
Building a marketing & sales funnel
Developing a sales mindset

“The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.”

- Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder

Support for startups within the community

We've formed partnerships with companies that can add value along your startup journey


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Roll Camera

Roll Camera help companies to share their story through video content. As a member, you'll receive 10% discount on any business video. Check out their products here.

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