3.1 ‘Natural Ability’

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3.1 Natural Ability




  1. Watch the above video
  2. Go through the workbook and fill in with your insights where applicable
  3. Take a look at the toolbox below




Here are some resources on the stories of entrepreneurs before they were considered a success.

You don’t need to read all of these resources, just choose the people who interest or inspire you most. We’ve provided links to their biographies and summary articles, so you can choose if you want to read the full story, or just a summary.

Note: We’ve put the strength or experience of the founder in brackets so you can choose people most relevant to you.

Elon Musk - Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal et al (technology)


Richard Branson - Virgin Group (brand)


Steve Jobs - Apple (technology + brand)


Lisa Messenger, Collective Hub (media)


Sam Prince, Zambrero Group (social enterprise)

Watch a video of Sam’s story here.


Drew Houston, Dropbox (technology)

Watch the story of Drew Houston and Dropbox here