Building a Viable Business

Designed for founders who are committed to building a successful company.
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This programme is designed to teach the fundamental components behind building high growth, high impact business. The structure of the program focuses on learning and execution. Virtual one-to-one workshops are held once a week, to work on core areas of business development.


This programme is run over 3 months.


Weekly 1-1.5hr virtual meetings working through the key deliverables to turn a validated idea into a product making revenue.


Can be run digitally or in person depending on location of founders


$6,000 + GST per company. Eligible NZ companies can apply for a 50% subsidy through the RBP scheme.

Programme Deliverables

Customer Discovery

Guidance on how to complete customer discover and understand what your customers want and will pay for. 

Product Development

Make well-informed decisions and take actions to build a product people want. 

Building a Team

Support to make good decisions about who you recruit and when.

Foundations for growth

Set up your company foundations to help maintain focus as your company starts to grow. 

Customer Acquisition

Work out how to effectively acquire customers by testing different sales and marketing strategies to learn what works.

Value creation and business model

Work out the most effective business model and pricing that is sustainable. 

Legal Considerations

Understand all the legal considerations you'll need to face when you start and grow your business, from registering a business, copyright, patents, trademarks and more.

Finance and Accounting

Build a financial model and set up your accounting systems so you can manage your money.

Analytics and Data

Set up systems to effectively capture data and key metrics, and use them to guide decision making. 

Raising Money

Decide whether you need to raise money, and if so when. If raising money is necessary in the short term, we can help with this process. 

Systems and Processes

Behind a successful company are successful systems and processes! Begin the process of setting up these systems so you can automate or outsource work. 

Strategy and Leadership

We'll prepare you to manage your new team, develop strategies for your business and understand how to keep long-term, motivated and productive employees.

More about this programme

Participants are provided with the tools and resources to take learning from the course, turn them into executable strategies and valuable resources that will underpin the development of their company, and execute on the small tasks that compound to create a valuable company.

The primary value proposition behind this course is the simple yet highly effective approach we teach to develop a business. We teach people the fundamental principles behind creating a valuable business and developing as a high performing founder. We understand the optimal balance between learning, building a strategy and then executing for maximising outputs, and we've built this into every element of this course.

This course will provide the knowledge, tools, community and accountability to develop your idea into a growing business, at the necessary pace to ensure that you make the right decisions for yourself and your company.

This course is similar to an accelerator, however, we don't take equity, we give you space you need to make the best decisions and we're optimising for the founders' personal success, rather than investment.

Who is Building a Viable Business for?

Founders and teams who know, with a degree of certainty, the problem they’re solving, who they’re solving it for, why their company exists and are committed to spending the next 5 years working on their company. If you don’t feel you know this yet, then we recommend starting with our Ideas You Can Execute course.

"Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that."

- Anthony Volodkin, Founder of Hype Machine

What are the benefits of the programme?

In addition to community, accountability and support to move forward, here are the specific outcomes of the course (as long as you put in the work):

  • Support to develop the first version of a valuable product and embed a disciplined approach to product development.
  • Build foundations for your marketing and sales funnel, and embed a structured approach to optimising customer acquisition.
  • Create your customer experience processes to make your early adopters evangelists and capture valuable data for optimising your product.
  • Create your foundational financials and develop a value-focused approach to optimising your business model.
  • Develop a company DNA that aligns with the founders/team, provides a compelling purpose and gives direction.
  • The ability to effectively communicate the company value and convince the right people to be a part of the journey.
  • Develop a conscious and focused approach to building a company and developing yourself.
  • Connect with the people you need to move you forward in the right direction.

Total Cost

$6,000 (plus GST). Payment plans can be arranged. 

This course can be subsidised by 50% under the NZTE capability voucher scheme, for companies that are eligible.
Find out about Capability Voucher Funding and apply here.

Past Participants