We teach ambitious people how to turn business ideas into companies that make money and a positive impact. We do this by breaking down the process of starting a purpose-driven business into simple actionable steps. We teach founders these steps and connect them with resources to make execution easier.
Ideas You Can Execute

Our online, flexible program to help people with ideas get started in business.

Your New Support Network

We run an online community for founders and experts to share stories, skills, and support on an ongoing basis.

Events & Workshops

Regular opportunities to connect, upskill and be inspired by other founders and startup experts.

Take action on your ideas

Successful businesses and extraordinary people are developed by taking small steps in the right direction over a long period of time.

Our proven processes and resources give people the knowledge to take these small steps, to turn ideas into uniquely valuable products and services.

  • changing your thoughts and behaviours to execute on ideas
  • find a viable idea, one that is uniquely valuable
  • complete customer discovery and  validation to find the market opportunity
  • build business fundamentals, including brand, culture and leadership principles
  • get your first paying customers
  • launch the first version of your product, and
  • connect with a supportive community.
Natalie speaking to guests at Entrepreneurs Unleashed

It takes a community to build a company.

Connections to good people make a world of difference when starting a business. People who can give support, advice, skills, and resources when they're required. Mum's Garage is built on the principle of community, and we've worked hard to build a group of awesome people who care about collectively developing companies.

This includes:

  • Experienced founders
  • Startup specialists, including branding and design, website development, finance, and legal support, HR and people skills, marketing, and sales
  • Support resources - people who can help work on getting tasks done
  • Other founders on the same journey.

Meet some of the company's we've worked with:

Fityouintl logo
Finappster startup mum's garage
Genoapay logo
Amino Mantra logo
d-i-ply logo
Little Lato Logo
trymygear logo
Freighthub logo
1919 Distilling Startup Mum's Garage
Wiseboys Burgers Logo Mum's Garage
Concious Layers Social Enterprise Mum' Garage

** Sharesies and Genoapay completed The Validator Pre-Accelerator, a Mum's Garage partnership project.

Tools for Developing Your Business

We share useful resources for founders in the first year of building their business. This includes tools, guides and interviews with successful New Zealand founders.

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