Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Our cornerstone event that brings together entrepreneurs to share real, practical advice for starting and growing companies.

Entrepreneurs Unleashed is now a podcast!

Some of our past speakers

Profile picture Angus Brown, co-founder of Ārepa

Angus Brown


Close up of Tama Toki, founder of Aotea Made, speaking at Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Tama Toki

Aotea Made

Close up of Lillian Grace, founder of Figure.nz, speaking at Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Lillian Grace



Close up of Shyr Gelber and Brent Godfrey, co-founders of Forty Thieves, speaking Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Shyr & Brent

Forty Thieves

Shaun Quincey

Shaun Quincey


Close up of Graedon Parker, founder of Vend, speaking Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Graedon Parker

Organic Mechanic

Close up of Vaughan Fergusson, founder of Vend, speaking at Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Vaughan Rowsell


Close up of Brook Roberts and Sonya Williams, co-founders of Sharesies, speaking at Entrepreneurs Unleashed

Brooke & Sonya


Entrepreneurs Unleashed was born to create a place where aspiring entrepreneurs could come together and learn from those who have come before them. To give them the confidence and knowledge to get started on their own journeys with the support of a like-minded community that wants to see them succeed. 

At each Entrepreneurs Unleashed we invite along two founders or startup specialists to share stories and insights. Events are usually themed so founders cover particular topics, such as purpose-driven business, funding, community, or particular pathways to success.

Why should you attend?

Get access to good, honest advice when it comes to starting and growing companies

You'll have the opportunity to listen and ask questions to get first-hand insights into the key drivers behind successful, New Zealand based entrepreneurs. We carefully select speakers who we know will provide authentic, relevant advice to the audience, so you hear it all - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Vaughan Fergusson, founder of Vend, speaking to Audience at Entrepreneurs Unleashed
Entrepreneurs Unleashed Event Participants

It's a great starting place if you have an idea or ambitions to start a business

It's a friendly environment, we avoid buzzwords, and we're encouraging of the fact that no one knows what they're doing when they start out in business. So you won't feel intimidated or unsure if this is the first startup or entrepreneurship related event that you've attended. It's also a great place to connect with others at a similar stage and find out about what else is available to support you along your journey of starting and growing a business..

"Entrepreneurs Unleashed is like the gateway drug into entrepreneurship." - Attendee

The spread is amazing!

People always mention the food, so we thought we should include it here. We have a holistic approach to building businesses and believe strongly in founder self-care. We advocate a good diet to help improve productivity. So we make sure we have delicious, healthy food and drink out our events. You'll be delighted by Catroux catering and Organic Mechanic Kombucha on tap.

"The food was outstanding: best I'd ever had at an event." - Attendee

People serving themselves food catered by Catroux at Entrepreneurs Unleashed event
Mum's Garage Customer Feedback

It's a good opportunity to get some perspective from others and a boost of inspiration

Hearing the stories of other founders, the challenges faced, their key learnings and their vision for the future is a great way to gain perspective on your own problems, projects and goals.

"I felt in a positive environment, in front of driven entrepreneurs that were happy to casually reflect on their journey and take questions from an inspired audience" - Attendee


Form meaningful connections with likeminded people

A relaxed environment to connect with other attendees. The audience is a mixture of people with ideas, people working on starting businesses, more experienced entrepreneurs and mentors or startup specialists.

"I knew hardly anyone - (it is a) great way to meet new people outside my everyday bubble." - Attendee



“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”

- Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon

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