Our Favourite Books For Founders

Books contain the roots of almost all knowledge. Want to understand key concepts and principles from their source? You should be reading!


Here are some of our favourites, split out into mindset and specific skill sets.

We recommend reading books relating to business, startups, psychology and human behaviour. Business is all about people; when you understand people you can understand how to influence your own behaviour, the behaviour of your customers, the behaviour of your team, and the behaviour of anyone who might potentially invest in you. This underpins your ability to build a great company. 



Recommended for anyone with ambitions to build a business, but especially those who are starting out (these will help you to take the plunge and survive).


The Winners Bible

Dr Kerry Spackman

Helps you to understand why you behave in a particular way, and how to modify your beliefs and behaviour for high performance.


Maxwell Maltz

A book about your self-image, how it's developed and how you can change in fast through reinvention techniques. This work paved the way for most personal transformation programs.

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

Great for learning personal discipline, and for understanding what needs to go into building a great product.


The Willpower Instinct

Kelly McGonigal

The Willpower instinct gives you know-how needed to actually change your habits. 


Greg McKeown

The book you need to read to sort your s#@t out and stop wasting precious time.

Getting to Yes

Bruce Patton, Roger Fisher, William Ury

Brilliant, simple book for learning how to negotiate. 


Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

A true classic. This book is perfect for helping program the mind to focus on and obtain the things you want. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie

The title sums it up pretty nicely. Another classic which has definitely stood the test of time.

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Vishen Lakhiani

Written by the founder of MindValley, this book is a modern guide to personal development and success. Great if you need a boost.


Work the System

Sam Carpenter

Your life is made up of a system of habits. The better your systems, the better your quality of life. Learn how to hack the system with this book. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#@k

Mark Manson

Not giving a f#ck about what most people think is a necessary skill for an entrepreneur. 



Yuval Noah Harari

Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of mankind by understanding the evolution of archaic human species in the Stone Age up to the twenty-first century.



Read as needed. 


Startups in General:

If you start this book and don't enjoy it, put it down and read it in a years time. It's a very intelligent book that challenges a number of ways people often think about building startups.

If you are the creative, visionary sort, this book will make you feel a lot better about yourself. If you work with a creative or visionary, it will help you understand some of the frustrating things about these people, and how to mange them. 

An inside look at the tough decisions and lonely times all CEOs face, before showing you what it takes to build a great organisation and become a world-class leader.



Business Models & Analytics:

Great reference book for building out your business model and doing the right things in your business. 



The book to read on social media marketing, jammed pack with great real-life examples.


Raising Investment and Pitching

Growing, Productivity and Managing a Team

Life Management:

There is a lot of chaos in your life when building a startup. Having a tidy, organised space is important for giving you a balance of order. 

Read, Learn, EXECUTE!