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How to Define your Customer Niche

Mum's Garage, Customer Niche, Make something a small number of users love

In this resource we cover why it’s important to focus your efforts on a core group of customers with similar behaviors. The mistake a large number of founders makes is […]

Building the first version of your product (MVP)

Building the first version of your product (MVP)

The first version of your product should be designed to test the value of your idea and to understand your users. Spend as little money and time on it as […]

How to do Market Validation

Market validation is the process you need to go through to turn your idea into something that people want, and will pay for. Validating your idea significantly increases your chance of […]

Kiwi Startup Tools Cheat Sheet


Need legal help, website tracking, a payment platform etc? Here’s a bunch of services we recommend. Legal & Accounting Resources: Even if you don’t have much money when you start […]

New Zealand Startup Ecosystem Map

New Zealand Startup Ecosystem

New Zealand Startup Ecosystem Map Here’s a range of NZ support currently on offer to new entrepreneurs and growing startups Last updated 09/08/18 Add to this list We hope you […]

Creating Business Value: The Science

Building a Viable Business , Creating business value, the science, the program

The survival of a startup is determined by its ability to create something of value that enough people will pay for, before running out of steam (financially and emotionally). There’s […]

Mobile Signup

Creating Business Value: Part 2, The Application The survival of a startup is determined by its ability to create something of value that enough people will pay for, before running […]

Developing Your Startup DNA

Mum's Garage Building Your Startup DNA Image

Building your Startup DNA is one of the first steps to transitioning an idea into something more. It gives an idea a purpose and identity of its own, which is […]

Founders Guide to Finding Validation Prospects

You’ve been told that you need to validate your idea. You understand the purpose of validation, you know what assumptions you need to test and you’ve written your script. Now you’re […]

“Every morning there are flowers of potentials. Your thoughts and interactions give them shape and reality.”

- Amit Ray, Peace Bliss Beauty and Truth: Living with Positivity

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