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Our Digital Marketing Deep Dive Workshop Is Back!

people discussing marketing strategy at the Digital Marketing Deep Dive

A highly effective digital marketing strategy is essential to the growth of your startup.


Our Digital Marketing Deep Dive is designed to help you develop one, fast. This popular event is back for the second year running, and is a unique opportunity to learn from world-class digital marketers in New Zealand.



Date: Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June, 2017
Location: GridAKL, 101 Pakenham Street, Auckland
Price: $599 (*50% subsidy available, see below)




Mark Hayes, Author, ‘Growth Hackers Guide to the Galaxy’

Mark is CMO at specialist marketing consultancy Rocketshp, founded one of the world’s first growth hacking agencies Growth Devil, and is author of internationally renowned ‘The Growth Hacker’s Guide To The Galaxy.’ Mark will cover the in’s & out’s of growth hacking, and how to implement growth hacking ideas into your company.


Carl Thompson, Co-founder Bronami & TradeGecko

After co-founding the successful inventory management platform TradeGecko, Carl has gone on to found Bronami and Momentum Marketing. He’s a content evangalist, and will be teaching the specifics for good content marketing and how to create value-adding content that works.


Tina Moore, Head of Social, NZME

Tina is Head of Social Media at NZME, previously co-founded social media training company The Classroom, co-founded communications agency Media Jam, and was Editor and General Manager at REMIX MAGAZINE for seven years. She’ll be teaching the technical side of social marketing. Learn how to setup, track and learn from your social campaigns.



Isikeli RaicebeAnalytics Specialist

Isikeli is a Digital Analytics Specialist and founder, and has spent 10+ years designing and implimenting digital analytics strategies and frameworks across multiple verticals including Financial Services, Retail, Telecommunications and Consultancy in New Zealand and Australia. He is a certified expert in multiple analytics platforms. Isikeli will be teaching how to build a meaningful digital analytics strategy and what tools you should be using.


Natalie Robinson, Founder, Mum’s Garage

Natalie is founder of Mum’s Garage, one of Auckland’s largest startup communities. She has also built multiple entrepreneurial programmes and worked with over 100 aspiring entrepreneurs.

Natalie will be teaching the fundamentals of building a meaningful brand, creating value and understanding your customers so you stand out.


Yi Wei, Head of Growth, TradeGecko

Yi is Head of Growth at TradeGecko, and has worked for the likes of Microsoft and IBM. He’ll take us through the new developing concept of Agile Marketing, and how to make it work within your startup.


“My experience of the Digital Marketing Weekend in 2016 was amazing! From each speaker, I learnt many valuable strategies I can apply to my business. As well as ways to boost my business’s brand awareness and create value adding content.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and the people I met were great. I would definitely recommend this weekend event to others wanting to learn more about digital marketing and growth hacking.”

— Jennifer Buckler – Cofounder of The Misprint Co.

Who Should Come Along?

1. Startups and young companies with a scaleable product, looking for fast growth

2. Marketers working inside companies

3. People working on an idea who are pre-execution (the principles learned will fast-track your idea)

4. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses

5. Anyone wanting to apply the latest growth hacking techniques to their day jobs


You can qualify for a 50% subsidy from NZTE under their Regional Business Partner Network, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Apply for the Capability Voucher Scheme here. Please get in touch with Natalie ([email protected]) if you have any questions or need help working this out.


Want More Info?

If you’d like more information, or want to find out if the Deep Dive is a good fit for you, please leave your details below and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.


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