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Founder Chats: Zanda and Kyle From TinySkinScribbles

Lady wearing tinyscribbles temporary tattoos

We recently chatted with the founders of TinySkinScribbles, Zanda & Kyle, who have just gone through our latest CO.STARTERS cohort.

Q. Tell us about TinySkinScribbles?

TinySkinScribbles creates temporary tattoos from original hand-drawn designs that are unique and fun.

Our mission is to provide people with a way to express themselves to the world or privately without permanently marking their bodies. We also wish to give everyone the chance to be inspired or inspire others in an artistic and powerful manner.

We see people being able to change their tattoo whenever they please to match their mood, state of mind, or even their outfit! We want to help them be whoever they want to be and enhance their way of being.

Q. What has your journey been so far?

The idea was conceived when researching fashion trends in Europe and America. People in these areas of the world see temporary tattoos as trendy and fashionable and are often made by artists, designers and fashion houses.



We wanted to bring these ideas and values to New Zealand but with a distinct Kiwi angle. They would be designed in NZ for a NZ market and celebrate our national values of nature, adventure and creativity. We started sketching and painting designs in 2016 and began selling to friends and family and were soon at creative markets selling our wares.

In 2017 our online store went live as we doubled down on our brand and building a community with our target audience.

Q. Who are your target customers?

People looking for a unique way to express themselves. Also, people looking to inspire themselves or others.

These will predominantly be young people between the ages 18-30 who like music, festivals, fashion, travel and adventure. We see these people as confident, artistic, free-spirited trendsetters and fashion leaders.

We are also targeting those people who like the idea of real tattoos but are turned off by the permanence or just want to see how it looks and feels before committing to the real thing.



Children are also a conscious target market or more particularly - their parents. Recently we have found interest with companies and promoters wishing to reach a wider audience.

Q. What are your next steps, and goals for the future?

Besides the goal to inspire more and more people, our plan is to add more equipment to our studio which will allow us to create custom tattoos. It means people who have their own idea or artwork that they would like to wear could come to us and print it as a tattoo. This would open up the market of creating personalised tattoos or even the idea of giving a unique and personal gift to friends, colleagues or loved ones.



We are also thinking about creating a subscription model where people would receive a monthly delivery of our latest designs and others of their choice. We are always working on new ideas and are open to feedback and collaboration with our community.



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