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Get started with blog writing

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Blog content is a great way to share your story with the world, and to add value to your target market. 

Blog posts are still the #1 asset for engaging with your audience and generating warm leads for your business.” – Neil Patel

Getting into the swing of creating content is something many people struggle with. It can take a bit of time to find a writing style that suits you, and your brand if you’re writing for your company.


Here are seven tips to help you get started:





1. Work out the purpose of your blog post

Is it to share a story, solve a problem, compel the reader to take action or all of the above? Often, people will write a blog to share a new venture or company their working on for the first time, which is telling a story. A lot of content is also created by companies to help their target market solve problems, or make them aware of problems. Keeping the purpose in mind, and the outcome you would like for the reader, will help you to keep on track.


2. Write like you would speak

When it comes to your writing style my suggestion is to write like you would speak and use short, simple sentences. It’s much better for keeping peoples attention. Don’t try to be overly academic. I picked this tip up from Paul Graham’s essay ‘Write Like You Talk’.


3. Find your ‘blog muses’

That is, writers or company’s who have a blogging style you admire. Work out what make the blogging technique effective, and apply it to your blog.


4. Get everything down as a draft, then get someone else to read and critique it

Otherwise you’ll over think it. If working on a screen is giving you a mind-block, use pen and paper to get down the first draft.


5. Have an view or philosophy that links in with your brand

If your value proposition is making life simple for your user and using data to drive decisions, for example, write about topics that relate to this, and tie the points in your article back to the value of your company where possible.


6. Use keywords based on what people are already searching for

One of the primary benefits of blog writing, is that it helps to improve the SEO of your website. I recommend using kwfinder to find topics to write on and keywords to use in your articles.


7. Share your blog where the right people will see it

There is no point writing an awesome blog, if no one ever reads it. So share it in social media groups, with friends, family and any digital community that might be interested in what you have to say.

Practice makes perfect, if there is such a thing, so what’s most important is getting started and getting the feedback that will help you to get better fast. You can do it!

For additional tips and direct feedback on your blog content, join our Mum’s Garage online community, so we can support you to get started.


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