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Meet Christine Jensen, Founder of FitYou and Ideas You Can Execute Alumni

Chistine Jensen Fityou Founder

Christine Jensen launched Fityou during our  Ideas You Can Execute Programme in 2017. Find out more about her story from idea to launch, and some of her learnings and challenges along the way.

Q: What were you doing before you started the 'Ideas You Can Execute' programme?

A: I was working part-time at a Creative Agency and studying part-time.


Q. In light of what you know now, what were some of the misconceptions you had about starting a business?

A: I thought you created a product then pushed it onto people/marketed it to them then basically just hoped that it worked. I didn't realise market validation was needed and a key part of the process.


Q: What did you manage to accomplish over your time in the programme?

A: I took an idea that I had in the fitness space, validated it, created a minimal viable product, then hosted a launch event to celebrate the soft launch of the website/online platform.


Q: What were your biggest takeouts/learnings?

A: 1. Be patient. It doesn't all have to be done at once and something is better than nothing.
2. Baby steps. It's okay to have a part-time job or other forms of income while you get started with a business (and try to live at the same time).


Q: In your experience, what's the biggest challenge with getting started in business?

A: The financial and legal aspects of setting up a company - registering the company, structuring it, invoicing etc.


Q: What comes next for you and FitYou?

A: I am in a bit of a transition period at the moment, so am pivoting slightly with where I would like to take FitYou. Currently, we're a content platform for fitness and wellbeing activity in Auckland, to make exercise more accessible to 20-35 yo who care about holistic exercise. While we build our community, we're validating what our product will evolve into. Stay tuned to see what comes next 🤗


Q: How can we follow your journey?

A: You can check out our website, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

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