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The Space In Between – Making Time For Yourself Amongst The Chaos

The space in between blog post for productivity

In this blog, I want to address the time and energy spent in between doing work.

This time in between work can be highly valuable and productive, and it can also be highly unproductive, depending on how a person uses it.

I will speak from my perspective, as I do not want to put words in your mouth. 

Right now, with the changes going on as a result of COVID-19, my mind needs more time to unwind from the spin of thoughts and emotions that are heightened right now in this time of chaos.

When I give myself space, I can move beyond the feelings of stress and anxiety and experience the creativity, opportunity and purpose that exists within the chaos.  

A day without enough space

If I do not proactively create time for myself to process my emotions and thoughts, they will etch out throughout the day, distracting me from the important work I need to be doing.

I know when this is happening because I cannot focus. I feel slightly panicked or excited with a tightness in my chest. I have lots of ideas, energy and throughs, but I struggle to translate these into tangible actions and outcomes. If I do not get on top of it, I get to the end of the day and feel that I have wasted a whole lot of creative energy, being stuck in limbo trying to decide what is most important.

Rocks stacked upon each other as a symbol of zen

The simple act of creating space

To let myself have space fully and intentionally means getting away from my work, all work - personal and professional.

Doing this requires me to go somewhere that is not where my work is. Getting out of the office or out of the house.

My first port of call for finding space is to go for a walk in the forest. It's a natural outlet for me, as it doesn't require much effort or willpower, so I can do it even when I am stressed and feel like I have little time or energy.

Simple meditation also helps to create space. If I haven't practised for a while, finding a simple breathing based meditation practice on youtube is an easy way to get back into it. Currently, I am enjoying this youtube video titled 'Take a break for a 15 Minute Guided ZEN Meditation'. I enjoy having a regular space where I meditate. At the moment, this is just in a corner of my house, which away from where I work.

Movement is another excellent way to create space and clear my mind. I find that exercise is an alternative outlet for the energy that creates anxiety and winds up my throughs.

Everyone is different, and the best methods of creating space will vary from person to person.

A good place to start is to think about your happy place and go there first, the beach, the forest, the garden etc. Claim some space for yourself to be in. Once you have some, it becomes easier to create more.


It's necessary to take the time needed to find space to think, feel and reconnect to what's most important. We may need more space than usual at this moment in time. Take as much as you need.

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