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A Copywriter’s Guide to Creating Compelling Copy

Creating compelling copy for your business, and it's products is a critical part of your selling strategy. What you say about yourself plays a major role in how your customers perceive you. However, it's not only what you say, but rather how you say it. Being sufficiently captivating, engaging, and descriptive could be the difference between a purchase, and your audience clicking away. So making sure you understand what works, and connects can go a long way.

If you find copywriting challenging, then you're in luck. In this blog post, we had the pleasure of talking to Michelle Joe, experienced copywriter and CEO of Craft n Connect. Read on to learn more about her philosophy and approach to writing. She shares some great tips for those wanting to improve their copywriting skills.

Michelle, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Michelle Joe, an experienced creative copywriter for the online space and the Founder of Craft ‘n Connect.  I get a buzz out of helping businesses create an authentic digital presence through crafted copy.

I have experience across a mix of digital content marketing, website editing and project management roles for large corporations and boutique studio agencies in Auckland and Christchurch. I have worked for a number of industries in this capacity in sectors such as retail, SaaS, tech, fast-moving consumer goods, education, audio post-production, entertainment, beauty, travel & lifestyle.

Stringing the right words, in the right place, for the right people.  My business aims to craft words that make copy fun and enjoyable to read, on brand and with SEO in mind. Hopefully this article will help you do the same.

Michelle Joe

How would you describe the art and/or science of copywriting, in a couple of sentences?

The ability to create an impact, whether that is to evoke emotion, inspire or motivate an action in the audience.

A quote I often refer to, that reminds me to keep my copywriting concise and compelling is:

“When something can be read without great effort, great effort has gone into writing it.”

Knowing what you know about how to create good, compelling copy, why is it such a struggle for people?

There is a raft of reasons why, it can include the lack of understanding of the topic, who your audience is, and your intention of the piece you are writing.

Great copy is often derived from the stages prior writing, such as the research phase, understanding your client, and what they are wanting to achieve.

What are the best tips you have for someone who is trying to explain their product or service on their website?

Instead of telling in your writing, show. For example:

It was hot and humid



The sweat drips off the side of my forehead and I can feel my shirt clinging onto the skin on my back


Leave room for imagination, create a scene, generate impact and give them a reason to stay.

What are the best tips you have when it comes to writing copy for social media?

There is a lot more that goes behind writing captions for your social media posts. It’s about firstly understanding who your audience is, the right social media channel to use and how you speak to your customers online.

Get clear on what your content pillars and themes are – does it include testimonials, brand awareness posts, tips, industry insights?

Social media is a place to be, social. So, a few other key writing tips would be:

  • Be yourself, be human.
  • Be concise in your copy.
  • Stick to one message in your post
  • Ask yourself if it’s relevant, shareable, motivating, inspiring, engaging, educational?
  • Be social online and interact with your online community.
  • Social media planning tools – including Later, Planoly or Buffer Social are helpful apps for scheduling posts in advance and ensuring you stay front of mind for your clients.
Michelle Joe, Craft & Connect

At what point, should a founder or business owner call on the help of a copywriter?

How you communicate to your audience in words highly influence customer’s trust, choice to engage with you and buying decisions.

Copywriting is a specialised skill, requires time and resource. If you want to build brand credibility, concisely communicate a strong message, drive engagement and sales – the opportunity to invest in quality content is now.

What are some useful things businesses can do to make the process of engaging a copywriter as efficient as possible?

  • Establish a marketing strategy. This helps with defining a clear brief to a copywriter if
    you firstly understanding the direction of your business and where you are at, where
    you are going and what your business goals and objectives are.
  • Find out who your target audience is
  • Know what your pain points, struggles and business objectives are

It is helpful to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What are your brand values? What is your brand personality? Do you have brand guidelines on hand – this is handy to bring to your copywriting discovery session.
  • What style and tone of voice do you prefer?
  • How do customers currently find you?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What is your USP? What makes you different?

Can you tell us a little bit more about your company and services?

Craft ‘n Connect specialises in creative content writing for digital channels. We thrive on helping businesses create an authentic and inspiring digital presence that will form a connection with their audiences, through our carefully crafted content.
Writing website content, blog articles, landing pages, promotional emails, emotive tag lines, brand messaging and anything word-related, is our thing. We love stringing the right words, in the right place, for the right people - whilst keeping it captivating to read, respecting your brand voice and with SEO in mind.

We believe by understanding your customer’s needs and effectively communicating your message to your consumers, will highly impact their buying decisions. Being a part of that storytelling journey with you, couldn’t get us more excited.

If you need help getting your words out, sharing your unique edge, what you stand for, and how you can benefit your customers – lets connect and see how we can help weave your next story.

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