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A new way of learning about business, through community, knowledge sharing and radical workshops supporting personal and professional growth.
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Mum's Garage is a community for people who see the role of business as supporting and transforming people and the planet, rather than just to make money.

In this community, we share and connect in ways that drive people to turn their unique skill and insights into the ventures that make an impact and are financially sustainable.

Who this community is for

Our community is open to people who:

  • have a sound idea or an existing business and have demonstrated their ability to take action to move forward meaningfully towards their goals
  • are prepared to give as much as they receive, by supporting others, sharing knowledge and ideas as well as asking for help when it's needed
  • are building business for the good of humanity, not to exploit others or the planet.
  • are curious, open-minded and don’t assume they have all the answers.

It is free to join our online community, but you must apply. We have a Patreon account where you can support our work. 


Character illustration of person teaching people about how to start a business

We run courses and workshops to help solve the common problems people have when starting a business.

We work with people who have been founders themselves to create this content, so what we teach is based on lived experience.


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Our online community, powered by Mighty Networks, helps people to connect with other founders and startup experts whenever it's needed.

We also run events so people can connect and share knowledge in person.


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Connect with the people who can help your business to grow. Our community is built around resourceful (cash strapped) early-stage business development, so we have people in our network who specialise in working with people on a tight budget.

We're exploring ways that we can help startups financially.

How it Works

You must first fill out the application form by clicking the apply button below. Then we will be in contact to introduce ourselves and provide an induction into the community so you can make yourself at home.

We host our community and digital programmes using a platform called Mighty Networks.

Once you're part of the community, you can participate in conversations, sprints, programmes, access video content and other resources.

You can also chat directly with other members, share resources, experience, wins and ask for feedback or input into some of the decisions or problems your facing.

You'll be the first to know about any events we have coming up or any opportunities we find about. In fact, most of our activities are driven by the needs of this community.

How to Join

It is free to join our online community, but you must apply. We have a Patreon account where you can support our work. 

Learning Opportunities

By joining our community, you'll have access to the following programmes and resources:

Poster with the text Ideas You Can Execute Take Action On Your Ideas

Our cornerstone programme for teaching people how to develop an idea and transition out of a job and into self-employment.

Learn more

Poster with the copy Digital Marketing Deep Dive, Modern Marketing Techniques

A series of 7 workshops to teach you the most up-to-date, effective ways to hit your marketing and sales goals. Delivered by subject matter experts.

Learn more

Poster with the text 'Entrepreneurs Unleashed, Learn How To Start a Business from Those Who have Done it'

A library of videos from our Entrepreneurs Unleashed events. Learn specific knowledge from NZ founders in technology and food and beverage industries.

Learn more

Our Community

We're a group of people passionate about having the freedom to create and experience on our own terms. We're building our businesses around the lives we want to live and the impact we want to make. We're founders, developers, designers, videographers, marketers, content creators, HR specialists, food scientists, gelato makers, gin distillers, technologists and more.

natalie robinson teacher
Profile picture of Carl Thompson, co-founder of Contento
Emily Bradley, Roll Camera
Close up of Menelik Dyer, co-founder of Hectre and startup mentor
Profile of Nelson Shaw, co-founder of Contento and startup mentor
Amino Mantra founders Pritesh Kajaria and Trang Duong-Kajaria
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 5.37.11 PM
Richie Lovelock Profile Picture
Patrick O'Reily, Sustainabilty expert and founder of Captail Practical
Elle-Bell-profile picture
Christine Jensen, founder of FitYou, presenting her vision at the launch event for FitYou
profile picture of Eddie
Ideas You Can Execute Testimonial Kitki Relight the Thought
Hannah Woods, founder of Little Lato, behind the counter at their gelato store inside Crave Cafe

Our Mission

We've create a place where creative, inventive, unique, weird and wonderful people come together to create solutions to important problems, develop products people love, and build teams people love to be a part of.

We're working to give more people the support they need to get started in business, and access to intelligent, empathetic people who can help them grow.

This is the mission of our community.


It is free to join our online community, but you must apply. We have a Patreon account where you can support our work. 

Not ready to join yet?

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