We’re niching our Ideas You Can Execute programme, here’s why

Crowd of people at Entrepreneurs Unleashed Startup event

Part of the core value we provide at Mum's Garage is a community, helping like-minded people connect with one another, to support each other along the business development journey.

Initially, our Ideas You Can Execute programme was targetted at anyone who had an idea or ambitions to start a business. However, we found that people weren't getting as much value out of connecting with each other as we had hoped. Although they were at the same stage in the idea development process, they didn't have similar enough backgrounds, experiences, or motivations to form the tightly knitted community we had hoped for.

By chance, our most recent cohort were all men. The group got on well from the first interaction, have continued to support each other throughout the eight weeks, and will likely continue to support each other after the programme finishes.

So we've decided to test this idea again, to see if this will benefit other distinct groups. We're starting by running a cohort of Ideas You Can Execute orientated towards women.

At Mum's Garage, we believe that diversity of ideas and experiences are highly valuable. We are proud to attract a diverse group of people to our events and to have created an environment where people feel comfortable regardless of their background and experience. This will always be a big part of our overall strategy, as creating equal opportunities is what drives us.


We also know confidence is a highly valuable attribute when starting a company. We know this from our own experience, and from observing the behaviors of others coming through our programmes and community. Our Ideas you Can Execute programme is designed to help people take the first steps towards building their own business and a big part of this is building confidence in their ability to make decisions and execute on the tasks necessary to be successful.

By having a similar group of people going through the programme at the same time, we can be better at providing solutions to common problems specific to this group, and we believe people will feel more comfortable and confident sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences with each other, during the programme and after.

Our second stage programme, Building a Viable Business, will remain targetted at founders or teams in a specific stage in the startup lifecycle.

We will be announcing other programmes orientated towards other specific groups soon. If you're interested in the programme, please let us know who are and what ideas you're interested in by filling out this form, so we can build a cohort of people like you.

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