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Brook Roberts and Sonya Williams, Co-Founders of Sharesies, speaking at Entrepreneurs Unleased event

Through our own journey of starting a business, and helping others, we know that there are a lot of stories about what success looks like that are deeply ingrained in startup and business culture. Who can start a company, what needs to be done in order to be successful, what the definition of success is, as examples. 

There is significant uncertainty when it comes to building a startup. So people create certainty by coming up with stories which provide perceived rules and guidelines for how to be successful. This helps people to feel more certain.

But it also puts pressure on companies to fit into the perceived success model and can make it hard for startups and founders to get ahead if they don't.

A big part of what we're working towards through Mum's Garage is redefining the stories that are told. Shifting away from deeply ingrained assumptions and towards a mindset that is open to different and maybe better ways of creating value.

We're working on driving this change by focusing on understanding the fundamental concepts that sit behind common beliefs and hearsays and sharing these with the relevant context.

At Mum's Garage, there is no one size fits all approach, no prescribed process and no pressure to look, sound and behave in any particular way.

Instead, we do our best to ask the right questions and share experiences, so the best outcome for the company and its customers can be achieved, whatever that might be.

We try to share the stories of as many different founders as we can, through events, content webinars and by facilitating connections. This is so people have more reference points when it comes to understanding success.

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