Problem-Founder Fit


Congratulations for hitting the point where you’re seeking more than the 9-5 and actually doing something about it.


Turn your idea into a value-driven business.

Problem-Founder Fit

Learn high-value skills from experts and other founders.

Meet other entrepreneurs and get inspired.



The ‘Ideas You Can Execute’ Programme

This is phase one of The Startup Series Three-Part Program and is designed to help you:

  • Find the best starting place your idea development
  • Understand more about yourself and entrepreneurial development
  • Learn how to communicate an idea effectively so you can get traction
  • Begin the market validation process
  • Have an understanding of the startup development process and the key decisions 

Find the best idea for you, begin validating and transition out of employment and into entrepreneurship.

Validate your idea, build a product, get paying customers, work out your business model.

Ongoing support and accountability so you make the best decisions when growing.

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