Make people excited about your idea and business

Starting a business is hard when you have a product no one cares about.


So it's a good strategy to build something that people are excited about, and do the easy things that help more people become and stay excited.

This is basically good product development, good branding and marketing. 

So how do you do it?

Investing time upfront to understand the true value of your product is key. For every business, there is a core value proposition that sits at the heart of everything the business does. 

This value proposition drives the product, the brand, the culture, the strategy and everything in between. As a business, if you're weak on your value proposition then everything else will also be weak.

The way to get strong is by knowing what drives you and your team, and what drives your customers. Specifically, for both parties it's:

  • The problems you/they care about
  • The beliefs and values you/they have
  • The new realities you/they want to create or be a part of.

The best way to do this is by asking the right questions to understand the experiences, beliefs and reality states of the people that are part of your business. That's yourself, your customers, your team, and anyone else who plays a material role.

Our 'Startup DNA' and 'Market Validation' guides will help you with this process.