Our 'Ideas You Can Execute' Program Kicks Off For 8 Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Over the past few months we've been developing a three-phase entrepreneurial development program called The Startup Series. We're pleased to announce that Phase One: 'Ideas You Can Execute' has just kicked off, and we have 8 aspiring entrepreneurs in our first intake for 2017!

'Ideas You Can Execute' runs for 6 weeks and is 100% online. Every week founders watch our videos and complete workbooks, join in on webinars, and have one-on-one mentoring sessions with us. We're looking forward to sharing more about what they're working on in the coming weeks.

The program content for 'Ideas You Can Execute' is all online.

The program content for 'Ideas You Can Execute' is all online.


New Zealand has a number of business accelerator programs (and there are a number of others globally), designed to accelerate the growth of a business venture. Generally, accelerators are interested in founders and teams who are looking to raise investment, already have a well validated startup concept, and preferably the early stages of a product and paying customers. Accelerators take an equity stake in the business in exchange for a small amount of seed funding.

This might be a good pathway, once you get the the stage where accelerator will consider you. But, the gap between idea or entrepreneurial ambitions and product is a hard one for most people to cross. And not all startups fit (or want) the accelerator model.

What about the people stuck in corporate jobs who have aspirations of owning their own business, but aren't sure how to move forward? Or the aspiring founder who is full of good ideas, but isn't sure which one is right for them to move forward with? 

Our program is helping people right from the very early stages, because it's not just about developing a product but is heavily centered around personal development and the fundamental truths around turning an idea into something.

Phase One: 'Ideas You Can Execute' is perfect for early-stage founders, and the recommended first step for any aspiring entrepreneur wanting help from Mum's Garage (we get a lot of mentoring requests). 'Ideas You Can Execute' is also very affordable, especially if participants are still working full time or have savings. We have done this by design, as we don't want price to be a barrier for completing our programs.

Phase Two: 'A Product People Want' will be picking up where 'Ideas You Can Execute' left off, and is heavily centered around market validation and building a product people will pay for. Our first intake for 'A Product People Want' will be on 16th October and will run for nine weeks. Phase 3: 'Building Momentum' will be centered around developing capability and being accountable for growth, and will launch later this year.

If you're interested in The Startup Series, please reach out to us! We'd love to grab coffee with you and tell you all about it.