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Entrepreneurs Unleashed: An Event Series For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Our Entrepreneurs Unleashed event series has has now bought together over 150 aspiring entrepreneurs in 2016, and we're looking forward to bringing together many more in 2017.

Entrepreneurs Unleashed is a bi-monthly event for people to learn real, practical advice for starting a business from those who have done it before. We invite founders who are in the first couple of years of building a startup to share the story of how they started out.

We've been lucky to have had some amazing Kiwi entrepreneurs speak at our previous events.

Don't Dream About Unicorns

Speakers: Menilik Dyer, Founder of Hectre, previously Co-founder of Dyer & Blomfield, and Dima Ivanov, Founder of PowerStats Limited & Liquid Scope Limited.

When people think about starting a company, often they think about the likes of Facebook, Uber and AirBnB. Building a company like these can seem unattainable. There are, however, plenty of things aspiring entrepreneurs can do to prepare, and these can give you a far better chance of success.


Purpose, Culture, Community

Speakers: Carl Thompson, Co-Founder of TradeGecko & BroPro, and Brough Johnston, Founder of Narrative Muse.

This event got deep and meaningful on the intrinsic factors behind building a great business - including purpose, culture and community.


The Ups And Downs Of Building A Startup

Speakers: Liam Houlahan, Founder & CEO of Wearit, and Kristen Wonch, Founder & CEO of OHUDDLE

Talking about the hard things which occur when starting a company is really important, and this event told the stories of two founders who have gone through many ups and downs to launch their businesses.


With entrepreneurship, we think it's best just to focus on learning the steps just ahead of you otherwise you'll try to run before you can work and starting becomes too hard.

The challenges of growing a business are different from the challenges when trying to start one. So we get founders to tell their 'starting stories' when they are fresh, so the audience can learn the skills and mindset that is most relevant to the position they are in.

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