A list of really good seed pitch decks.

Character illustration of person pitching using a seed pitch deck

The best pitch decks are the ones that do a good job of making the businesses seem simple, a no-brainer. They tell a compelling story about the startup and it's potential, and demonstrate the founder's ability to execute.

This resource contains a list of our favourite seed pitch decks.

Seed funding is a company's first round of equity investment. This is followed by Series A, Series B and so on.

We hope to add some NZ startup seed decks in here in the near future.

Mint.com Pre-Launch Pitch Deck

Mint is a web-based personal financial management service. This is the pitch deck they used to raise a seed round 5-months prior to launching. The founders were experienced entrepreneurs who had started and sold companies before mint.com.

It's an intelligent pitch deck that covers the fundamentals. I'm a big fan of the Customer Acquisition and Business Model slides. They do a great job of explaining how the company will function.

Youtube Pitch Deck

We love this one because it is so simple. It addresses the fundamental problem, and the product speaks for itself.

It's a good reminder that the value of a pitch deck comes from the work that's been done to create a valuable product.

Airbnb Seed Pitch Deck

This is a reproduction of the original Airbnb pitch deck. Again, we like this one because of its simplicity.

Keep in mind that it wasn't easy for Airbnb to raise money. You might have heard the story about them funding themselves by selling Cap’n McCain’s and Obama O’s cereal. This is actually what got them into Y-Combinator and their seed funding, as it demonstrated their hustling capabilities. You can read more about their story in the blog post 'Airbnb: The Growth Story You Didn't Know About'

Nevertheless, it's a classic pitch deck, and useful for people who are building market place products.

Mixpanel - Series B pitch deck used to raise $65M

This was not their seed round, it was their series B. But we've included it in here because the problems statement is awesome.

At this point, Mixpanel had been in existence long enough to back up their claims with impressive growth metrics. So they didn't need to spend much time validating the problem the product solved, as it's validated by repeat users.

You can read more about Mixpanel's initial experiences raising money in their blog 'Opening the pitch deck that helped us get our $865M valuation'. You might find it comforting.

We want your pitch deck here.

We're on a mission to provide more transparency around funding in the NZ Startup ecosystem. An easy way to do this is for NZ startups to start sharing information about what they raised, when, how and from who.

If you're a company that has completed an investment round in NZ, we would love to include you here! Please get in touch via [email protected]

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