AIESEC Offer Affordable Recruitment for Startups

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AIESEC is a the largest youth-led organisation in the world, providing leadership development through global internships.

AIESEC Internship Programmes NZ

We were excited to learn that they’ve been partnering with NZ startups, to help provide access to hard-to-find, affordable talent.

Finding good talent, particularly devs, can be a struggle for early stage startups, so we thought this could be an option well worth considering for companies looking to recruit.

Find out about the AIESEC internship programmes and who you need to contact if you’re interested in partnering.

AIESEC Internship Programmes

AIESEC has two internships programmes available to New Zealand companies: the Global Entrepreneur Programme and the Global Talent Programme

The Global Entrepreneur programme is a 3 month unpaid internship programme with an placement fee of NZ $1500. The Global Talent programme is a 6 to 12 month paid internship programme with an placement fee of NZ $2000

In addition, accommodation expenses for the intern must be provided for by the company. This is to ensure that our opportunities are accessible to all interns.

AIESEC manage the application and vetting process, as well as Visa requirements for the successful applicant.

AIESEC recruitment process:

AIESEC Recruitment Process


 Who can partner with AIESEC?

AIESEC does not have a restriction on the types of companies whom we partner with. They’re willing to offer our services to any company or organisation, and it does not matter how established they are.  


“We found that AIESEC gave us access to talent that is hard to find in New Zealand [web developers with Drupal experience]. He has also introduced a different culture into our work environment that pushes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to think about our business from new perspectives.” – Aaron Magon, Director of Web Industries

“We’ve hired two developers through the AIESEC programme with great results. The candidates that we’ve interviewed have always been high quality; AIESEC does a great job in vetting them. AIESEC completely took care of the visa process and everything the guys needed to get to NZ and get settled. They were able to start straightaway.” – Toby Cox, Director of Carnival Labs

Next Steps:

Download the AIESEC Information Booklet for more information on the partnership opportunity.

Contact Kris Lim on the details below to find out if an AIESEC internship is a good fit for your company:

Kris Lim
Local Committee Sales Manager – AIESEC in Auckland City
Phone No.: 021 222 6466



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