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The truth about transitioning from job to self-employment


Society screws with aspiring entrepreneurs

Most people don’t start out with the skillset and mindset required to build a successful business.

We’re conditioned to go to school, university and then into a 9-5 job. If you choose to learn about business during this time, it’s generally from an academic or management perspective that doesn’t reflect the realities of starting your own company.

For most people, when they come up with an idea or problem they want to solve, they expect it of themselves to be able to quit our jobs and jump straight into building a successful company. That’s trying to do something with the highest failure rate when it comes to career paths, without learning the ropes first. This is like throwing a child into the water and expecting it to swim.

I speak from experience in saying that it’s unlikely that the career skills you have now will prepare you for building your own start-up if you’ve never had any experience in this field before. Working for yourself is far different from working for someone else. And the skills required to start a business are different from working with an existing one.

So like with any new thing, the first step for getting good at starting a business is learning the necessary skills and then putting them into practice. Using the child in water analogy, instead of thrashing around aimlessly, learn the strokes that will help you to get to the side of the pool faster.

If you have ideas and ambitions to get started, I highly recommend joining a programme or community to give you the support to take the right steps. This is why Mum’s Garage exists. Because we know that thrashing about aimless water doesn’t get you anywhere fast, and we hate the thought of people drowning in unfulfilling.

You can do this!

Check out our programmes, workshops and events to see how we can support you to get started.

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