Digital Marketing Deep Dive

A good digital marketing strategy can be essential to company growth.


Momentum Marketing and Mum’s Garage bring you our Digital Marketing Deep Dive Workshop. This weekend event brings together experts and startup founders to teach entrepreneurs and marketers how to build, then execute on, a solid digital marketing strategy. Learn about all major digital marketing techniques, then put your new skills into practice over a weekend.



Next Auckland workshop: TBC

Location: GridAKL
Time: 5:30pm Friday until 5:30pm Sunday
Cost: $499 early bird, $599 normal price

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Check out this recap of our last Deep Dive Digital Marketing Workshop!

By Sophia Fairbairn:



Learn about digital marketing from experts, and identify the most effective and efficient ways to scale. Collect data to drive decision making, build a strong brand, acquire users fast, and generate momentum


How The Workshop Works:

Day 1 – Friday night: You’ll chat with other attendees over a casual dinner.

Day 2 – Saturday: Expert speakers will cover the core components of digital marketing.

Day 3 – Sunday: You’ll get into teams, and put your skills to practice with an interactive case study exercise.


Who It’s For:

1. Startups and young companies with a scaleable product, looking for fast growth

2. Marketers working inside companies

3. People working on an idea who are pre-execution (the principles learned will fast-track your idea)

4. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses

5. Anyone wanting to apply the latest growth hacking techniques to their day jobs


My experience of the Digital Marketing Weekend was amazing! From each speaker, I learnt many valuable strategies I can apply to my business. As well as ways to boost my business’s brand awareness and create value adding content.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and the people I met were great. I would definitely recommend this weekend event to others wanting to learn more about digital marketing and growth hacking.

— Jennifer Buckler – Cofounder of The Misprint Co.


What It Covers:

Our Deep Dive Digital Marketing Workshop teaches the core principles and techniques for building and executing a well thought-out digital marketing strategy. This includes:

Brand DNA
Growth Hacking
Content Marketing
Data & Analytics
Social Strategies

Agile Marketing



Why It’s Important

A good digital marketing strategy enables founders to collect data to drive decision making, build a strong brand, acquire users fast, and generate momentum. This workshop gives participants the understanding and tools to be able to build the foundations for a marketing strategy, and a compelling proposition that will get the attention of their target customers.

Without this critical understanding, you’ll likely waste a significant amount of time and money going around in circles without a lot of momentum.


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