Digital Marketing Deep Dive Series

Learn modern marketing techniques to grow your business

A seven-part workshop series covering the fundamentals of digital marketing, delivered by subject matter experts.

Carefully selected topics and speakers to teach you how to do more with less by focusing only on the highest value-add marketing activities for your business.

Suitable for people with business ideas, early stage and growing startups, small businesses, marketing teams from established companies or people with ambitions to start or grow a career in digital marketing.


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Covering key areas of digital marketing

✔ Learn the fundamental principles for creating an effective marketing strategy, including refining and understanding your target market, branding and key messaging.

✔ Build an engaging social media strategy and utilise tools to turn your sporadic posts into a structured, automated process that saves you time and improves results.

✔ Learn how to improve your SEO organically, so your target customers find you online without having to spend money.

✔ Set yourself up with the appropriate analytics tools so you can make informed decisions, rather than just going off gut feeling.

✔ Learn how to develop an effective marketing funnel, to acquire and convert your target market into paying customers. Make quick improvements to your revenue by fixing up the drop-off points that you might not realise exist.

✔ Turn your vision and the value of your products into compelling copy and brand assets. Make decisions you stick to, so your brand identity and messaging remain consistent.


Speakers for Digital Marketing Deep Dive


Overall Marketing Strategy

Learn the fundamentals for setting a good marketing strategy, including customer discovery, brand differentiation and developing an effective sales and marketing funnel.

Speakers: Natalie Robinson (Founder, Mum's Garage) & Carl Thompson (Founder, Contento)

Content Marketing

Learn how to build a content strategy that will add value to your customers and improve your SEO. Content is a highly effective long-term marketing strategy. The sooner you can start creating value-add, SEO optimised content, the better.

Speaker: Carl Thompson (Founder, Contento)

Instagram & Influencers

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in 2018, with over 1 billion monthly users. Learn how to effectively leveraging Instagram as a channel for acquiring and engaging customers.

Speaker: Jun Combridge (Co-Founder, Astral Collective)

Website Optimisation & SEO

There’s not much point spending time and money on marketing if you have a website doesn’t convert visitors to paying customers. Learn how to optimise your website to effectively convert customers, and to attract the right ones by ensuring your site is set up to allow Google's search engine to work its magic. 

Speaker: Ben Male (COO, Inbound)

Facebook Marketing

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise of Facebook to engage with customers and attract new ones. Learn how to refine your Facebook strategy, create compelling content and set up ads that will reach the right people and improve your ROI.

Speakers: Dom Hay & Andrew Ferdinando (Co-Founders, Ad Hoc)

Marketing Messaging

Learn how to develop your key messaging, tell your brand story and create content that plays nicely with Google’s search algorithms. Monica will teach you how to put the right words in the right order to deliver the right message to the right people. 

Speaker: Monica Shepherd (Founder, Mark My Words)

Design & Overall Recap

Learn the basics of good design so you can create digital assets that do your marketing efforts justice. In this session, we’ll also revisit overall marketing strategy so you can incorporate everything you’ve learned from the workshops into a refined plan for execution, and ask any outstanding questions. 

Speakers: Natalie Robinson (Founder, Mum's Garage) & Carl Thompson (Founder, Contento)

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Digital marketing workshop focused on Instagram and Influencer Marketing

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