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Be mindful of who you take business advice from

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One of the hard things about getting started in business is the number of decisions that have to be made, what to call the company, when to quit your job, how to build or source your product, whether it's an idea worth spending time on.

There is a high degree of uncertainty and personal responsibility which most people are not used to.

So naturally, we turn to others for validation, support, advice or as a sounding board for ideas. The easiest people to turn to are those in your close networks; friends, family, colleagues. More than often, it's people who haven't started their own business before.

When you take advice from people who have not started their own business, you risk being told the advice that they have been telling themselves, which has prevented them from getting started with their own ideas.

"It's already been done before", "how will you make money", "you should build an app", "add these features" etc.

Instead, you should try to find people who have done what you are trying to do before, and ask for their advice. Giving good advice on ideas and early-stage companies requires experience and practice. All companies and individuals are different, and advice often needs to be customised to the individual, based on their experiences and vision.

This is the value of becoming part of a community of people who have done or are doing what you want to do. A good community or mentor will influence the decisions you make along the way in a positive, constructive way, which can make all the difference.

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