Grow your business through organic traffic

We handle your content strategy and drive traffic to your website.
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What is MG Growth?

MG Growth is your entire content marketing department. We run your content strategy and implementation, with our proven techniques to drive traffic to your website.

How does it work?

We use our unique expertise to create a content strategy tailored to your existing website or blog. We then create, deliver and promote high-quality content on a weekly basis to drive more visitors to your site. If you’re interested to learn more, inquire below and we’ll be in touch.

Website Audit

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Make sure your website is set up correctly so it's not penalised by Google, which will have a negative impact on your rankings.

Content Strategy

Illustration of marketers creating a content marketing strategy

We'll create a strategy to make sure content efforts are focused on the keywords that will have an impact. The performance will be measured.


Content Delivery

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Ensure you're creating high-quality, key-word optimised the content on a regular basis, by outsourcing content creation to experienced writers.


Why choose us?

We have experience. Our team have experience launching products and selling online for many years. We know that content marketing, when done well, can out perform any other marketing strategy. We’ve also witnessed many bad content marketing efforts, that wasted the business managers time and money. Throughout our time launching products for ourselves and others, we’ve developed a process to efficiently and effectively create tailored content that drives traffic to your website. We would like to help other business’ achieve success with content marketing too.

What results can I expect?

It depends on the niche and age of the site. Generally speaking, it’s much easier to increase traffic to a site that has been around for a while than establish something new. Some niches are also more competitive than others. We’re still young, if you’d like to help us build case studies, you can reach out to be part of our beta program at a reduced price.

Who's the team?

MG Growth is run by Natalie Robinson and Nelson Shaw. Natalie is the CEO of Mum’s Garage, a New Zealand based community for early-stage entrepreneurs. She understands the struggle of growing a business and finding cost-efficient channels to customers. Nelson is a programmer and marketer with extensive experience in content marketing and SEO. He co-founded the tool Contento, software that helps you improve your existing content and build backlinks from high-quality publishers.