The Start Up Series Programmes

Turn your idea into a profitable and impactful venture with our three-part entrepreneurial development programme, The Startup Series.



The Startup Series is a three-phase programme to guide people through the process of developing an idea into a growing company.

Take the steps necessary to start your idea, by understanding more about yourself and what you care about creating.

Learn how to build a product that people want and a business that creates value.

Get the support you need to make the right decisions when growing your idea into a profitable, high impact business.


“The Startup Series is a gateway program for creating the work and a life that’s truly meaningful. ”

— Natalie Robinson, Founder & CEO of Mum's Garage

How does The Startup Series work?


We've split the Startup Series into three parts to reflect the distinctive stages of idea and business development. You can choose which programme you take and when.

Part 1: Ideas You Can Execute (Start)

This eight-week programme is designed to help people with ideas and passions to get started. It's suitable for people who are still working or studying.

Part 2: A Product People Want (Build)

A twelve week-long programme designed for people who are committed to working on their idea or business full time. This intensive programme will teach you the processes and mindset to help build a valuable product and business model.

Part 3: Building Momentum (Grow)

A twelve-month rolling program to support ongoing personal development and business growth. This programme has no specific course content, but ongoing mentor support.



“If you’re interested in the living heart of what you do, focus on building things rather than talking about them.”

— Ryan Freitas, co-founder of

Why did we create The Startup Series?


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to understand their unique value and make the most of their existence. Entrepreneurship is a pathway that facilitates this.

Starting a company allows people to solve the problems they truly care about. It allows people to create value for themselves and others.

Most people aren't taught how to be successful in business. And New Zealand is full of people with exciting ideas and aspirations, who are still stuck in unfulfilling jobs.

By teaching more people how to start a business and supporting them to be successful, we can create more happy people making a bigger and better impact on the world than they otherwise would have had they continued at their unfulfilling jobs.


What does each phase cover?


Part One: 'Ideas You Can Execute'

This is the first phase in the series and is the perfect place for aspiring entrepreneurs to start. Phase One covers the following:

What should you focus on creating? This phase will help you define which company idea you should move forward with, and why. You'll fine-tune an entrepreneurial mindset in the process.

Sometimes the hardest part about getting started is being able to share your idea in a compelling way. Learn how to talk about what you're wanting do in a way that gets people to take action, without you having to know the specific details yet.

What's the right path forward? You'll learn the fundamental truths behind the startup processes and techniques that you can apply to your idea.

With our support, you'll begin validating whether people want your product or service and are willing to pay for it. You'll also develop a plan for moving forward with your company.

Part Two: 'A Product People Want'

In this phase you'll focus on aligning the pieces of the puzzle, that is, you'll actively grow your young company with our support. We'll work through things like Business Model, Product, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Legal.

Part Three: 'Building Momentum'

This phase is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the support, resources and accountability needed to continue growing their companies. This works as a three-month rolling mentoring programme.



Which one is right for me?

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