We're actively helping people start their own business with The Startup Series.

The Startup Series is a 3 Phase Programme for people who want to start, then grow, a business.


The three core phases in The Startup Series are as follows:

Phase 1:
Ideas You Can Execute

6 weeks, online

This is an essential first component for any entrepreneur wanting to work with Mum's Garage, and covers your idea, validation, and the beginnings of execution.

Phase 2:
Growing Your New Company

9 weeks, in-person & online

This next phase gets right into kicking off your company. It covers Business Model, Product, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Legal. 

Phase 3:
Being Accountable For Growth

3-month blocks, in-person & online

This phase is designed to provide entrepreneurs with support, resources and accountability needed to continue growing their companies.


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