Startup & Tech News Sources

There is tonne of tech and startup related new sources out there. It helps to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world, but you don’t want your inbox filled with stuff you don’t care about. So we’re compiled the sites that we think are good for particular topics. 


Hacker News: Y-Combinator’s news stream focusing on computer science and entrepreneurship. Good for all things startup and tech related (no BS).

Paul Graham Essays – Great for all things startup. We thoroughly recommend checking out PG’s essays and reading the ones that apply to what you’re doing.

Product Hunt – the home of the latest and greatest products. They also have some really good lists of things like books, tool, resources for startups and product builders.

Both sides of the Table – great startup advice from – the online home of Fred Wilson, 

Blockchain News – useful news articles, interviews, and other bits of information that help you better understand the emerging world of Blockchain.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence – 

Hardware – 


As always, please let us know if there are any must-haves on this list.