Mum’s Garage Collaborations

Helping founders refine their products and branding.


We’re working closely with a few great companies to offer additional services for startups and small businesses, such as web and app development, UX/UI design, and branding.



Almond are a digital design and production studio based in Auckland. Their specialties include:

  • Mobile/web app development
  • UX/UI design
  • Full package branding including photography, logos etc

Almond are a small team of multi-talented designers and developers, who understand early stage companies’ needs to be constantly evolving, design/develop accordingly, and stick within a budget.

We’ve begun working with Almond to help founders who are at the stage of needing a quality product and have a budget (either from raising investment or their own capital).

Services They Offer: Either mobile/web app development, design, or branding, or all of it at once.

Founder Stage: You’ll have an existing product which needs refining, or have some degree of product/market fit.

Budget: Companies who have raised some investment, or have existing capital to spend on design, development or both.

Examples Of Their Work: Almond have their own side project – DoggyShare – and have build a slick web app for the business. 


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