Why We Exist

We believe in a world where people define and create their own value.

One of the things that frustrates us about the world, is the way value is assigned to people. By parent, upbringing, teachers, lecturers, bosses and organisations.

Most people never get the opportunity to truly understand and appreciate their own value, share it with the world and get compensated fairly for it.

For us, this is the problem that entrepreneurship solves. Helping people to figure out what they really care about, what they want to create in the world, and then doing it. And by doing it, paving the way for a better way of existence for others.

We teach people how to start companies

We provide startup education and support to help people to be successful at starting a business. Most people aren't taught how to actually turn an idea into a reality, and it's hard to find others on a similar journey. We teach people how to do this and facilitate ongoing support through our community.

But what we're really on a mission to do is create a better way of existing, for the founders we help, and the customers they serve. We do this by helping people to set off on a personal discovery journey, to find out more about themselves and the value they want to create in the world.

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The purpose of Mum's Garage is to help people make the most of their existence.

Entrepreneurship is a great way to do this. It drives significant personal development and enables more meaningful, impactful work.

Do the work you love
Make an impact
Achieve personal and financial freedom
Live a better life

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We're changing the stories people tell about startups and business

Through our own journey of starting a business, and helping others, we know that there are a lot of stories about what success looks like that are deeply ingrained in startup and business culture. Who can start a company, what needs to be done in order to be successful, what the definition of success is, for example.

There is significant uncertainty when it comes to building a startup. So people create certainty by coming up with stories which provide perceived rules and guidelines for how to be successful. This helps people to feel more certain. But it can also make it hard for startups and founders to get ahead if they don't fit the perceived success model.

So a big part of what we're working towards is redefining the stories that are told. Shifting away from deeply engrained assumptions and towards a mindset that is open to different and maybe better ways of creating value.

We're working on driving this change by focusing on understanding fundamental truths when it comes to people and businesses. We also try to share the stories of as many founders as we can, through events and content. This is so people have more reference points when it comes to understanding success.

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