We care about helping New Zealander's create value for the world through entrepreneurship.


We believe there are too many unhappy people working in unfulfilling jobs and not maximising their true potential, because they've never been given the opportunity or encouragement to start their own business. We're on a mission to change this. We want more people to understand and appreciate their own value, and then learn how to consciously create new value for themselves and the planet.


Our Story

The Beginning:


Mum's Garage was born out of our frustrations with the lack of early stage support for budding entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Through our own experiences we realised that the lack of the right kind of support for early stage entrepreneurs in New Zealand was limiting a large number of people from progressing ideas and following dreams. The concept of entrepreneurship was unnecessary intimidating and the perceived barriers to entry for starting out in business were unnecessarily high.
So in August 2015 Mum's Garage was started, in founder Natalie Robinson's mum's garage, to provide a grassroots approach to starting businesses, without the hype, politics and the perception that entrepreneurship is only for the elite.
It was, and still is, a community focused on developing people, rather than just a business or an investment. It was created to make entrepreneurship more accessible. 

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The Middle:


The more time we spend working with founders and startups, the more we uncover about fundamental concepts behind business and entrepreneurship. We've become obsessed with understanding the art, science and practice behind turning nothing (an idea) into something (a business) so that we can help more people go through this process with a higher chance of success.

As we've learnt more about the problems early stage founders experience, we've built solutions to help solve problems based on what we’ve learnt about the fundamental drivers behind startup success. So far that has been in the forms of events, programmes, a co-working space, and resources.


The End:


The end goal is to replace the current system that assigns people value and restricts what they’re able to create. Instead we want people to define their own value and create on their own terms.

This is what we believe entrepreneurship is really about.


Meet the team

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