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Properly validate your idea to find problem-market fit, understand what your customers value to build a product they want, work out a profitable business model, make good decisions about people and growth.

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How to do Market Validation

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

Market validation is the process you need to go through to turn your idea into something that people want, and will pay for. Validating your idea significantly increases your chance of success and makes the process of starting a whole lot easier! Here’s our Mum’s Garage take on market validation, why it’s important, and some straightforward […]

Kiwi Startup Tools Cheat Sheet

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

  Need legal help, website tracking, a payment platform etc? Here’s a bunch of services we recommend. Legal & Accounting Resources: Even if you don’t have much money when you start out, there are cost effective solutions to getting your accounting and legal positions right from the beginning, saving you time and reducing stress in […]

New Zealand Startup Ecosystem Map

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

Here’s a range of New Zealand support currently on offer to new entrepreneurs and growing startups. Have something to add? Add It Here Last updated 25/10/17 1. Idea-Stage Where new entrepreneurs go to get inspired, learn best practices, develop skills, validate ideas, and begin to build their team and product. INSPIRE & EDUCATE Startup Media: […]

Creating Business Value: Part 1 – The Science

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

The survival of a startup is determined by its ability to create something of value that enough people will pay for, before running out of steam (financially and emotionally). There’s a method to creating value. The better you understand it, the better your ability to achieve it. We’ll explore Value Creation in this two part series. […]

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

Creating Business Value: Part 2, The Application The survival of a startup is determined by its ability to create something of value that enough people will pay for, before running out of steam (financially and emotionally). There are many ways you can create value, and in Part 2 of our series on Value Creation, we’ll […]

Developing Your Startup DNA

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

Building your Startup DNA is one of the first steps to transitioning an idea into something more. It gives an idea a purpose and identity of its own, which is important for communicating the idea, attracting the necessary people and creating initial momentum. What ‘ Startup DNA’ means: Basically, it’s concepts that are core to […]

Founders Guide to Finding Validation Prospects

By Natalie Robinson | December 22, 2017

You’ve been told that you need to validate your idea. You understand the purpose of validation, you know what assumptions you need to test and you’ve written your script. Now you’re trying to find people to talk to that are outside of your immediate friends and family circle.  Here’s some suggestions we’ve found work, split into […]

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