Start turning that exciting idea into a business.

Our ' Ideas you Can Execute' programme is your first step towards starting and growing a value-driven business. Find out what our previous participants thought of it below.

Programme Duration: 8-weeks
Venue: Online
Course Material: Tailored program content
Mentoring: 3x 1hr mentoring sessions and feedback
Extras: Globally relevant tools and resources
Support: Community and connections

Our November intake has just started, but there's still time to join us.

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Cost: $550 (incl. gst) for the full 8 weeks

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Ideas You Can Execute is for people who want to build a company they are truly passionate about. You’ll develop yourself as an entrepreneur, decide what you should be creating, then prepare to start building something people will pay for.
— Natalie Robinson, Founder of The Startup Series and Mum's Garage

Get clear on what you're pursing.

Have an idea for a business? Great, you'll get clearer on what you want to achieve, and who for. Have lots of ideas? You'll uncover which one is best for you to move forward with. Expect to start developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the process.

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Learn the right way to start a business.

You'll learn the fundamental truths behind startup processes and techniques, then apply them to your idea.



Start validating your idea and find paying customers.

With our support, you'll begin validating whether people want your product or service and are willing to pay for it. Market validation is our forte.

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It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.
— Scott Belsky, Cofounder of Behance


How Does The Program Work?


1. Business Building Content

We'll teach you how to move forward via specially created videos which you'll access each Monday.

2. Course Work

For 8 weeks, you'll work on your business idea and answer questions to develop your thinking and work out the steps you need to take to move forward. 

3. Mentorship

You'll get 3 x 1hr one-on-one mentorship sessions, and access to a cohort specific Facebook group.


4. World-Class Resources

Each week you'll have access to resources and case studies from successful companies around the world.

5. Accountability

One of the hardest things about starting is keeping going. We'll provide you with the ability to continue moving forward.

6. New Friends

Meet other participants just like you, and troubleshoot problems, ask questions, and form relationships.


Program mentors:


Natalie Robinson

Natalie is Founder and CEO of Mum's Garage, and is incredibly passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch businesses. She has built multiple startup programs including The Validator, Wellington ICT Graduate School Masters Entrepreneurship Program, and has facilitated CO.STARTERS cohorts. Natalie has also developed the Digital Marketing Deep Dive and Market Validation workshops, and runs the Entrepreneurs Unleashed, Lean Coffee, and Year One event series.




$550 (incl GST)

What this includes:

  • 12 videos of tailored course content
  • 12 workbooks for you to apply the key concepts to your idea
  • 3x 1hr one-on-one mentor session (worth $500)
  • Helpful resources and case studies

Who's this program for?


People with ideas or problems they would like to solve, but haven't been able to move forward. 

People with aspirations to start a business or movement, but don't know the starting point. 

Anyone who wants to escape the corporate rat-race and is interested in starting their own business on the side.

The learning you'll take from this course can be applied to all elements of your life, including how you work for someone else and creating value within an organisation.


Get the right idea off the ground.


This program helps people significantly increase their chances of success, by (among other things) choosing the right idea to begin with.

It takes effort to turn an idea into something, especially if you aren't sure whether you should be pursuing it.

We're taking aspiring entrepreneurs through a process to better understand themselves, what drives them, what might be holding them back, and of course the fundamental truths behind turning an idea into a startup. If you have a lot of ideas, this program will help you choose the right one to execute now.



The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.
— Seth Godin, Founder of Squidoo


What's the program content?

This program is 8 weeks total, and content includes the following:


Week 1-2: An Idea You Execute

Turn your idea into something that you can move forward on:

  • Learn about becoming better at coming up with ideas that are viable for you
  • Build logical thinking into the way you assess ideas
  • Understand more about your strengths, passions and the problems you care about so you have a starting point for developing your ideas
  • You'll be able to fire any questions straight through to us during the 8 weeks via Messenger Chat or email,

Week 3-4: Idea to Reality

Learn the process behind building a startup. When people don't follow a process, often they either don't get started or risk building a product they can't sell.

  • Understand the process of startup creation
  • Develop the ability to communicate your idea is a compelling way
  • Learn the basics of market validation

Week 5-6: Mindset

The key to developing a business is developing yourself. Starting a business is hard when you've never done it before and haven't developed the belief system and confidence to do the things that need to be done.

This section sheds light on the mindset behind entrepreneurship, including:

  • The myth that holds a lot of people back
  • Self-belief and reinvention
  • High Performance and Resilience

Week 7-8: Commitment

Find out about what you do and don't need to be worrying about when starting out. This module also covers setting yourself up for success so you don't slip back into your previous routines, habits and mindset.

  • Lean the process for building a startup
  • We'll help with some of the decisions that can make starting out hard
  • You'll get access to a heap of resources that will enable you to hit the ground running

Week 9 & 10: Execution

This is 2 weeks to cement your learning from the previous 6 weeks and create a new reality for yourself. You'll continue market validation of your product or service idea, and you'll be accountable to outcomes.

You'll have access to experienced founders and mentors to help you make the decisions necessary to move forward. We'll also start providing you with helpful tools to begin building your product.

*At the end of Week 10, you'll be able to decide if you'd like to continue on to Phase Two: A Product People Want and Phase Three: Building Momentum.



What happens each week of the program?


Every Monday you'll get access to new videos and accompanying tools, and you'll need to fill out a workbook to apply the learnings.

You'll get the following help:

  • Ask questions to mentors via Messenger Chat
  • Have access to 3 x 1hr one-on-one sessions 
  • Have access to a group facebook page (experienced mentors and other entrepreneurs on the program will be available to chat with)

We recommend putting 5+ hours into program content each week, and spend plenty of spare time on developing yourself and your idea.

The more you put in, the more you'll get out.  



What outcomes can I expect?


You're guaranteed to finish the program knowing a lot more about the process for turning an idea into a real product or service. 

You'll develop a much better understanding of the deeper meaning behind your ideas and aspirations, some certainty around your ability to execute on your idea and clarity on the direction you're heading in.

You would have completed some level of Market Validation (validating your product with your ideal customers), so you come away with not only valuable initial data, but confidence which comes from being pushed outside your comfort zone.

Building a startup is a long process and this is just the first step. But be assured that this is a step that will put you in good stead for actually executing on your ideas and aspirations, in a way that will significantly improve your chances of succeeding. 


Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right.
— Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company




I'm not sure if this is right for me. What should I do?

Great, we'd love to meet up with you for coffee and decide if the program is right for you. Reach out here.

What if i'm not in Auckland?

That's totally fine! This phase is 100% online. You'll get access to 24/7 chat, and a personal Skype callsso we can answer any questions and provide support.

Should I still do this phase if I already have a company?

This program provides comprehensive personal development content, so we recommend people do this phase if they have an early stage company, and haven't been a founder before.

How much time do I need to spend doing course content?

We recommend a minimum of 5 hours per week. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Next steps


Register your interest here, and we'll get back to you ASAP! We'll be able to answer any questions you have to find out whether this program is right for you.

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The value of an idea is derived from the person who holds it. The art behind developing a startup is understanding and building the unique insight or view a person has about the world into a new reality. When an individual can harness this, it helps them to develop into a powerful founder.
— Natalie Robinson - Founder of Mum's Garage

About Mum's Garage

Mum's Garage is one of Auckland's largest startup communities, and runs multiple events, workshops, and programmes for entrepreneurs. As well as having developed The Startup Series, we've developed The Validator - New Zealand's first pre-acceleration programme, and also run Entrepreneurs Unleashed, Lean Coffee, Year One, and the Digital Marketing Deep Dive Workshops.


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