We believe doing business should be about making money, AND making a difference in the world.

We help up-and-coming New Zealand entrepreneurs kick-start their business ideas, and support founders and startups in their journey to deliver real value to their customers.


We think entrepreneurialism is a way of thinking that is developed.

We are working to overcome the self-constraints and pre-conceived ideas that prevent people from becoming extraordinary and making their mark on the world.

Contrary to common beliefs, we think entrepreneurialism is not just something you're born with, and you either have it or you don’t. It starts with the drive to disrupt, solve a problem or bring about change in the world. This, coupled with a devotion to personal growth, is the catalyst for a successful entrepreneur.

Zuck wasn't born an instant entrepreneur.

Zuck wasn't born an instant entrepreneur.


Our schools and society are not set up to develop entrepreneurs, so most of us aren't well equipped for this path. Mum's Garage is trying to help fill this gap by teaching you how to grow your mind, and develop the skills necessary to become an extraordinary entrepreneur. We do this by running transformative entrepreneurial initiatives.


Our Story

Mum’s Garage was born from our own struggles with getting ideas off the ground and a lack of early stage support for budding entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Founder of Mum's Garage, Natalie Robinson, discovered that the lack of the right kind of support for early stage entrepreneurs in New Zealand was limiting a large number of people from progressing ideas and following dreams. The concept of entrepreneurship was unnecessary intimidating and the perceived barriers to entry for starting out in business were unnecessarily high.

The original 'Mum's Garage' - Natalie's mum's garage in Sandringham, Auckland where our first events were held.

The original 'Mum's Garage' - Natalie's mum's garage in Sandringham, Auckland where our first events were held.


Natalie wanted a grass-routes approach, one without the hype, politics and the perception that entrepreneurship is only for the elite. A community focused on developing people, rather than just a business or an investment. So Natalie quit her corporate job and started Mum’s Garage…..in her mum’s garage! We think this article sums up the story pretty nicely. A year and a half on, Elyse Wyatt joined the team, bringing another level of expertise and hunger to drive change in the NZ startup ecosystem.


Our Approach

We believe that business is the best vehicle to drive large-scale change in the world.


We want to work with entrepreneurs who are creating something from their passions and solving problems they care deeply about. In our experience, this type of business also has the best chance of success.

We spend our time helping people with ideas figure out:

- What they care about
- What impact they want to have in the world
- Who they want to become
- How to turn that into something that will drive large-scale change

Once they've got an idea of what that looks like, we do our best to help them to turn their idea into an exceptional company. Our approach is best defined as high-growth tech startup meets social entrepreneurship.

We believe in making things simple and human centred. This way more people will have the opportunity to create something great.

Entrepreneurs aren’t extraordinary people straight off the bat, but BECOME extraordinary through the journey of entrepreneurship. They start out as ordinary people with big dreams and the desire to bring them to life. We think everyone should have the opportunity to become extraordinary.
— Natalie Robinson - Founder of Mum's Garage

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