Marketing and Sales Fundamentals

The role of marketing


People don’t like change. If you are trying to get someone a buy new product or service, then you are requiring them to make a change, which they will naturally resist.


This means that you need to do work to convince people that whatever it is that you’re selling, is worth more to them than the cost of acquiring it, including the cost and risks associated with making a change.


This is done through marketing and sales.


You can have a more heavily based marketing strategy or sales strategy.  This generally comes down to the type of product you’re selling and who you’re selling it to.


Good marketing helps to make sales easier by warming your customer up and making them like (or preferably love) you. It helps you to develop a pull strategy, rather than a push strategy i.e. you’re pulling your customer in, rather than pushing your product on them which is a more traditional sales-based approach.

Direct (in-person) sales are almost always needed in the very early stage of building a startup, however, it is also important to start testing marketing channels to find out what works and how much it costs to acquire a customer.


Making Marketing Easy by getting your foundations right:

  • Startup DNA
  • Brand DNA
  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Acquisition Funnel